Trainee comments

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a GP trainee on the Bury St Edmunds scheme. The teaching is first class. The trainers and administration team for helpful, friendly and very supportive. I have made some life long friends.”
“Having just completed my GP training in Bury I am sad to be leaving such a great group of people. Everyone on the scheme has been so supportive all the way through, from Claire (program director) and Virginia (who leads on the admin) through all the GP trainers to the trainees in the year above who are always happy to share their experience. My fellow trainees have also been great and really pulled together as a team to prepare for the CSA, practising together and keeping each other sane! There is a real culture of cooperation and mutual support.
“The West Suffolk Hospital is also a really great place to work, with seniors who were enthusiastic about teaching even though I wasn’t pursuing their speciality. It is also award winning for quality of care so I really felt satisfied that I was able to do a good job there. The only job I didn’t enjoy was A&E where the workload is quite overwhelming, but even that I suspect was better than equivalent post in many other hospitals. Of course Suffolk itself is beautiful and I’ve really enjoyed exploring it with my family whether it is Bury itself or the surrounding countryside.”
” In one word – awesome.  I found it very supportive and friendly from the outset. We get a full day for the VTS which was a combination of experiential learning and small groups in the morning (and topics relevant to the year). The afternoon tended to be slightly more structured, and less organic, teaching. This covered a wide range of topics from clinical to practice management. The people behind the VTS – yourself, Claire, Lou and Bredan all do an excellent job; are very supportive and easy to talk to on both work related and non-work related matters. Getting advice isn’t problematic as you guys are very approachable.
“The doctors who join the VTS come from a variety of backgrounds. This brings in new ideas. The groups themselves are good for learning and support each other and we try to work with our colleagues so everyone did well. Combining all these factors, I think produce the stellar results that have come from this programme.
“Finally as I move into my job from training; I realize the programme directors spent time with all of us to prepare us for life after the VTS. Thus enabling us to be sought after for the jobs we ourselves want.  Thank you for all your help through the years.
“A wonderful scheme which helps you meet great friends and build up a supportive network during training. Virginia does a brilliant job at organising us all and helps to make all the paperwork run smoothly. Well organised VTS release day with excellent speakers and a good time to discuss cases and problems.”

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